Ultimate Microsoft Project + Soft Skills (2022)


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Ultimate Microsoft Project + Soft Skills (2022)
Published 06/2022
MP4 | Video: h264, 1280x720 | Audio: AAC, 44.1 KHz, 2 Ch
Genre: eLearning | Language: English + srt | Duration: 104 lectures (9h 3m) | Size: 6.8 GB

Learn how to establish an effective work schedule, Update, track and enjoying from work with integration its soft skills

What you'll learn
You learn how to establish a work schedule from scratch.
You learn what is Relationships and resources.
You learn how and why we set up a baseline for a schedule.
You learn how to get data to update work schedule.
You learn how to effectively create reports and implement it.
You learn how to work with Man hours and Performance Measurements methods.
You learn how to track Project and Identify bottlenecks or achivements.
You learn Soft Skills with its implementation in Scheduling.
You learn how to get a rebase-line and when.
There is no requirement for this course as all subjects are covered.
You need Microsoft Project in any version (suggestion is using latest one because you learn Agile Method) or Office 365 on your system
You have a great support that will assist you in case of dark points.
In the Ultimate and Effective Microsoft Project Trip which we start Together you will learn from the very basic to the leadership level and be able to establish a complete and measurable work schedule to analyze and tracking of Duplex Villa in a user-friendly environment and with a lifetime Great Support
What you learn
This course will make you ready for having powerful tools to overcome a challenging schedule.
You will learn how to prepare a Schedule, Track, Analyze and use it effectively to make a project in line with what you planned.
This Microsoft Project Course comes with all files that were used and worked in the course and available practices that make you more empowered.
All MSP file that is used during the course.
Practices and solutions.
All Excel files that are used for any reporting.
Essential Soft Skills that you need to have for smooth and nice progress.
Junior Level
0. What do we learn at Junior Level?
1. Why do we need Scheduling?
2. Project Contract Types
3. Project Phases
4. Be More Familiar With Planning
5. Why MSP?
6. Where does MSP Stands Now?
7. All Files to Download
8. General Acquaintance of MSP
9. A Mini Project
10. Mini Project-Calendar and Insert Activity & WBS into MSP
11. Task Mode
12. Mini Project-Create WBS in MS Project
13.1. Mini Project -Project start date & Duration
13.2. Mini Project-Practice Time! (insert Durations)
14.1. Mini Project-Relations
14.2. Mini Project-Practice Time-insert predecessors and relation types
15.1. Mini Project-Resources
15.2. Mini Project-Practice Time- add resources and assign them to the activity
16.1. Mini Project-Resource amount into each Activity
16.2. Mini Project-Practice Time, Insert Resource amount
17. Mini Project-Check list of a Schedule Steps-Junior Level
MSP Junior Level Quiz
18. Mini Project-Recap of the Junior section
Senior Level
0. What do we learn at the Senior Level?
19.1. Project Options
19.2. Practice time-Project Options
20.1. Calendar
20.2. Practice Time! Exceptions in Calendar
20.3. Calendar Part 2
20.4. Calendar Part3
21. The overview of the project we are engaged to
22.1. What is WBS and Activity
22.2. How we Get WBS and activities and insert them into MSP
22.3. How we insert Wbs and activities into MSP
22.4. Practice time
22.5. WBS Levels
23. What is a milestone and insert it into MS Project
24.1. WBS Code
24.2. Practice Time! Insert WBS Codes
25. Duration, Effort, Elapsed time
26.1. Activity Durations
26.2. Practice Time! Insert Activity Durations
27.1. Relation
27.2. How to Get Relationships and insert them into MSP
27.3. Relationships Facts
27.4. Practice Time! Insert all Relations
27.5. Relationship Analyze
28. Milestone Planning
29.1. Resources
29.2. How to insert Resources into MS Project
29.3. Assign Resources to the Tasks
29.4. Resource Management
29.5. Resource Pool
29.6. Resource overallocation
30. What is Unit - Work and Duration
31. Task Types
32.1. Duration % Complete
32.2. Duration % Complete in a Tiny Project
33. Physical % Complete
34. Weight factors(cost, manhour) and Resource loading Usages
35. Manhours and Cost
36.1. Work % Complete in MSP
36.2. Practice Time! Work% Complete
37. Baseline
38. Status Date
39. Important Features - Project Info
40.1. What is Agile Project Management and Sprints
40.2. How to add sprints in MSP
41. Checklist of a Schedule Steps
MSP Senior Level Quiz
42. Recap of the Senior Level
0. What do we learn at Master Level?
43. Updating Scenarios
44.1. Control Contractors
44.2. Practice Time! Insert All Contractors
45. Updating a plan for Reporting
46. Preparation for Reporting the Schedule
47.1. Junior Reporting in Excel
47.2. Junior Reporting in Excel
48.1. Senior Reporting in Excel
48.2. Senior Reporting in Excel - Graphs
49. Master Reporting in Excel
50.1. Reporting in MSP- PART1
50.1. Reporting in MSP- PART2
50.2. Reporting in MSP - Visualize Reports
51. Filter-Highlight-Layout
53.1. What are EVM & CPI & how to calculate
53.2. Practice Time!-Calculate the Project EVM and CPI
53.3. The reasons for less CPI and how to solve the solution
54.1. Rebaseline
54.2. Practice Time!-S-curve of Rebaseline
55. Analyze the Schedule
56. What do we need For Updating Work % complete
57. I forget an Activity and I got the baseline what should I do now
58. Checklist of a Schedule Steps
MSP Master Level Quiz
59. Recap of the senior section
Leadership - Soft Skills - Bonus
1. Communication
2. Definition of Scheduling
3. Teamwork
4. Effective Meetings
5. Forecast
6. Stakeholder Management
++ Great Support and Constantly Updated
As the quality Course is so important for us, we have individual supports that you can ask your questions and issues from us and also we constantly check what is important and what you need to know more from MS Project to hasten your analyses.
We would be happy to see you on this Trip.
Who this course is for
Any body that thinks needs to learn how to plan, even for a project or own life.
Project Managers to take the Control of Project and forecast the budget and progress.
Project Controllers to track and identify Risks and issues.
Schedulers to Plan and track tasks.


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