When the Sheets Talk


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When the Sheets Talk

Holding Mara’s breast in my hand, I pondered her words. How would I describe to Rafe, what I did with Mara? I had never talked about my attraction to women or their breasts, much less knowing I enjoyed decorating them. But he got off when I discovered new things about myself and shared that information. That thought calmed me.

I’d tell him all about the art in the living room that depicted graphically, women loving women. I’d explain how my heart rate went up when Mara walked in, with swaying hips accentuated by the knot of her sarong and highlighted by her bare but now decorated breasts. They seduced me.

“Mara, do you allow people to freely touch your body?”

“Only women. And I must feel lust.” She winked at me.

“You’re talking about me.”


How could someone half naked be so comfortable with this situation? I wasn’t. So many feelings rushed through me, anxiety and desire. My body reacted. The smell of my want expanded into the room. I had been cradling Mara’s breast and using my thumb to enjoy the metal balls on either side of her nipple. The contrast was pleasant. Hard against soft, slick next to silky.

“This is all new to you, isn’t it Beth?”

“You were my first female lover, Mara.”

“Everyone has a first time. That explains your tentative touches. I’m happy it was with me.” She reached out and touched my wrist. “Try using both hands.”

I liked talking about sex while being sexual. Rafe and I were good at sexual banter, in and out of bed. I never imagined it could be the same way with a woman.

Taking a breast in each hand, and I continued to stroke Mara’s nipples.

“Mara, what if I wanted to explore you everywhere, slowly?”

“If that’s what you’d like. How about now?”

Now? Decision time. She took my hands in hers and kissed them. Her touch was a lifeline to possibilities.

“Yes, but what if I disappoint you with my lack of experience or ease?”

“You won’t if you stay with the moment and what you are enjoying. Listen for feedback. I’ve seen you follow your intuition with Rafe. We’ll be great.”

She pulled me up and threw me a knowing grin. Every part of my being said to go with her suggestion. When Mara dropped my hands, she unknotted the sarong and let it drop. Her naked exotic beauty with those adorned nipples captured me. I wanted her. She turned, and that gorgeous ass beckoned me to follow.

“I have a huge bed, Beth. Come see.”

As I walked into Mara’s boudoir, dark but vibrant tones outlined in gold fabrics illuminated the room. I smelled a hint of sandalwood. Photographs of women loving women graced every wall. These pictures were current, not historical. Mara was in only a few pictures. I guess if you produced porn that wasn’t surprising.

“What do you think, Beth?” Mara began to remove the comforter from the bed.

“It’s intriguing and sexy.”

I walked to one wall and studied the pictures. The essence of pleasure captured in the shots astounded me.

“Who is the photographer?”

“I am,” said Mara as she placed the folded comforter on the loveseat.

The attention to the detail inspired. Mara had precisely captured where pleasure resided on the women’s bodies. It impressed me.

“You’re good, Mara.”

“Maybe one day, you’ll allow me to photograph you.”

That would take some courage, but I wouldn’t immediately say no.


When I turned around, I discovered Mara had arranged herself centered on top of indigo-colored sheets of her king bed.

“Join me, Beth.”

My nervous laugh escaped into the room. The first time we were alone, we had had a couple of drinks. “I’m feeling a little overdressed.”

“Please, get more comfortable. I’d enjoy a show.”

Rafe loved to watch me strip, and I enjoyed teasing him while I did it. Would it be different with Mara? I wanted to see how a woman responded to me so maybe this was the place to start. Mara repositioned herself in the pillows. She looked like a sex goddess, and I felt like her servant. I wondered, would she command me? Or tell me exactly what she wanted me to do? Or guide my exploration?

“What do you like, Mara?”

“Show me how you enjoy your skin.”

My silk camisole under my blouse shifted on my skin as if it got the message to begin. As the fabric caressed, my skin always reacted. It was as if someone was tickling me with a feather in just the right places. Moving toward the end of the bed, I felt my thong press into the crack of my ass. It reminded me exactly where I was and that anything could happen.

“Can we have music, Mara?”

“Tell ‘Alexa’ your song choice.”

I would choose a song for me. It had to be sexual and sultry. “‘Alexa’, play Let’s Get It On by Marvin Gaye.”

“I like vintage music, Beth.”

From her position on the bed, Mara pulled her knees up and flashed me her lovely, delicate vulva. She was be-jeweled there, too. Her pierced nipples and vulva made living sexual art.

As the music drifted in, my nimble fingers unfastened the blouse buttons, one by one. My body swayed to the rhythm of the song and Mara’s breathing. As I dropped my top on the floor, I skimmed my hands over the camisole and my breasts.

“I remember how good you feel, Beth.” Her voice was a sexual tool causing me to crave her.

“I want to be able to say that about you, Mara.”

Looping my thumbs in my skirt’s waistband, I dragged the material down my hips and legs. A glimmer of light caught my attention. Casting my eyes in that direction, I saw a reflection of a lusting woman, erect nipples kissed by a camisole with bare ass cheeks divided by purple lace. The vision, the music, and the lyrics pushed me on.

As if I were on center stage, I danced around the room commanding attention. I had Mara’s. She smoldered. Her nipples had darkened, and her vulva lips were full. I crawled onto the bed in front of her, moving in between her legs. I needed a reminder of our connection, so I rubbed my silk covered nipples on her face. Craving skin to skin contact, I lifted my camisole.

“Kiss me.” When her moist lips touched my skin, I relived the few but precious moments we had spent together.

“Thank you for the reminder. I’m ready to explore you, Mara.”

Easing her into the pillows, I kissed each nipple and rolled my tongue around the jewelry. As she watched me taste her, my accelerant was her gaze. We were locked in a mutual give and take. I traced a line down her flat stomach with the tip of my nose. I was an explorer in a new responding land. Her sexy scent beckoned me toward her female heaven.

My fingertips drifted over the skin of her thighs, and I splayed her knees out. Her sigh warmed me. Enjoying this close-up view of her vulva, I stroked her bare glistening skin with one finger, up and down, reveling in the wetness created. When I glanced up, Mara’s expectant nod reassured. I leaned down, trusting my lips and tongue and placed my first kiss on a woman’s sex. An exquisite moan erupted in the room.

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